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Paid parking meeting in ward 6

Tonight, I attended a parking meeting in ward 6 at Tansley Woods. It was attended by approximately 40 residents, 2 city staff members and 2 Councillors. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss parking options, and potential solutions. The City is asking everyone to fill in a survey to help determine the best solutions. If you haven't seen it...check it out.

The problem with each scenario discussed was that no single solution brought forward was viable for everyone. We have heard many of these comments on 4 or 5 different parking sessions. Residents come to the scheduled meetings, speak their minds, and get frustrated that nothing has changed. Over and over tonight we heard:-people have too many cars in one household-people parking illegally-people parking so close to driveways that neighboring owners can't get out safely.-parking in the same place for extreme lengths of time .-streets littered with parked cars on both speeding on roads...children at risk!-there were numerous other comments. 

My thoughts on this subject are simple...maybe too simple but I think it works...

1-Parking officials need to gather all the info from the last 4 or 5 town hall discussions on this topic...combine the survey results....and make them public...well in advance of decision making time frame.

2-With this information in advance the public will have enough time to review and delegate to city council if they wish. The ball is the court of public participation.

3- With public input, staff/council will have the necessary feedback to make decisions/recommendations in the best interest of our stake holders...then bylaw parking enforcement has the hammer.

4-In the meantime,help your neighbors if you have an extra space on your driveway. ...enforcement unfortunately is the only answer...every citizen's safety is paramount.

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