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Thank You

Well, it’s been three years since ‪the committee of ‎Beauty and the Bistro‬ decided to purchase a state of the art digital mammography machine with a biopsy attachment for our hospital at a price tag of 450,000 dollars.

Last night,…almost 700 guests gathered at Leggat Cadillac to witness the completion of this community project.
Here are the amounts raised by this incredible group...creating a cocktail style event each year.

2012= $ 77,000.00

2013= $101,000.00 + $88,000 Leggat Auto Group

2014= $117,000.00 from last night gala

2014= $ balance of shortfall topped up personally by the Sutherland family of Sutherland Homes.

Total=450,000 paid in full!

Thank you Burlington, Ontario guests and partners!

Committee to Elect Angelo Bentivegna
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