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My Opening Comments for Ward 6 Candidates' Debate

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity  to introduce myself as a candidate for Ward 6 councilor.

My name is Angelo Bentivegna and I have lived and worked in Burlington for approximately 30 years. 

We have operated a business and proud to have survived  good and bad times over the last 25 years….

Living and working here gives me the perfect
balance to represent you.

I am a husband, father and grandfather.  I understand each generation’s concerns . 

I will engage our residents to take part in moving our city forward through realistic and viable solution.

Knocking on 9,000 doors and listening to people, here is what we need to do,

We need to focus on industrial and commercial opportunities. This will reduce the dependency
on residential tax increases.

Make our parks more inviting and eco friendly……  add shaded tree areas, picnic areas….. These are things that
encourage our families to use them..

Our city facilities  need to be more vibrant.  Encourage more activities for our seniors and young families.

Our Seniors need more places to interact and stay connected with our city.

My past experiences will allow me to accomplish these goals

I have worked with the Halton Catholic School Board Strategic planning Committee as a parent liaison.

I have been on numerous boards over the last 20 plus years including sports,  community and fundraising groups.

I have managed to show our city councilors the need to “do the right thing” on numerous occasions.
 Even changing “by-laws”.

My past achievements are a testament of my commitment to our community, our ward and our city .

Committee to Elect Angelo Bentivegna
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