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My Closintg Comments on Ward 6 Candidates' Debate

Thank you for listening.

For those who may have forgotten:  
I am  Angelo Bentivegna

Ward 6 is unique from other
wards in our city. We have 4 distinct neighbourhoods.

Our Rural  is as old as our city and needs to be

Headon Forest sill need infrastructure repair in the near future.

Millcroft has concerns about  traffic and noise

Alton Village is our newest community, multi-cultural,
serious parking issues, needfor inclusion

Each of our four neighbourhoods will be relying on one of us to be collaborative, communicative
and successful in dealing with five other councilors and a mayor to achieve results that we deem as Ward 6 priorities.

We also need to ask ourselves….

Who at this table is best to spend 210 million of your tax dollars?

Who at this table has shown
the ability to accomplish goals that have been set out?

I believe history repeats itself.
I believe our past values hold as future values.
I believe selfless people get the job done with help from others.
I believe you can only be successful at what
you do, when you have collaboration and buy in.

Our ward and our city need a change. 

We need to change how and where we spend our dollars.
We need to hold departments accountable.
We deserve the biggest bang for our buck

I believe I am your ward 6 choice…

I will NOT let you down…
My past has proven that.

Committee to Elect Angelo Bentivegna
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