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LaSalle Marina...4 Million Taxpayers Dollars!!! ...Check it out???

At Committee meeting Monday June 4th, a decision was made to move forward on  a 4 Million Dollar expense to build a new floating wave break. This preliminary committee vote will not be final untill it is approved by Council later this month. (June 18th)

Here are the "Coles Notes" on the issue:

1-The Marina land at LaSalle Park is owned by the City of Hamilton, and the Pier and water are property of the Hamilton Port Authority.

2-City of Burlington has leased the land for many years at 1 dollar per year.

3-The City of Burlington has tried to negotiate to purchase the land from Hamilton without success.

4-Records show that the lease on the Marina runs out in 2022.

5-Is a NEW lease an option?....not aware at this time, nothing has been made publicly.

6-There are approximately 220 boater at the present time at the marina.

7-Boater slip requests/rentals have been diminishing for many years at LaSalle Marina due to damage to boats caused by high waves etc.. Therefore some boaters have moved places that provide better wave break protection.

8-Lasalle Marina has been privately operated for over 25 years.

9- The City is prepared to hand over 4 million taxpayer dollars to the Marina operators/association so they can build a new floating wave-break wall in the near future for their boaters.

10-The repayment of this 4 Million taxpayer dollars will come from (an agreement with the city) a promise to pay something each year....BUT the money will go to a RESERVE be held by the City of Burlington over 28 years to build an improved WAVE BREAK WALL! (if accumulated funds that are collected over the 28 years is enough)

11-This discussion has been going on for years between Council, Staff and the Marina Association...actually,  a couple years ago in the Council Chambers, the LaSalle Marina Organization said that they didn't and wouldn't need money from the City.

12-The disappointment I have with this Council (during this committee meeting) is that no one asked about the LEASE/ or ownership issue on the property...????

13-I ask the Mayor and each and every Councillor that if they were personally able to loan the funds to the LaSalle Marina Association ...would they actually be agreeable to that kind of repayment schedule?

Does this set a precedent?

We will see what the final VOTE will be at the next Council Meeting-June 18th, 2018.

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