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Joan Little (Hamilton Spectator) Talks about Ward 6 debate

Is prior involvement necessary? Probably not, but this election, with two incumbents of seven retiring, familiarity with the system could be advantageous.

About 150 attended Thursday's Ward 6 debate, which incumbent Blair Lancaster boycotted (more later). Three viable candidates debated. Local business owner Angelo Bentivegna placed second to Lancaster in 2014's 10-candidate race, and regularly attends committee meetings.

Twenty-four-year-old sales executive Kinsey Schurm has helped candidates in provincial and federal races, and portfolio manager Ken White is working on a CPA accounting designation. Each offers different strengths.

Bentivegna is very up on current issues, and has been heavily involved in volunteering and local fundraising.

Schurm is young and eager, less involved, but is a non-voting member of the cycling committee.

White brings financial acumen.

Bentivegna is concerned about switches of employment lands to residential, and keen on seniors' issues.

Schurm wants weekly garbage pickup.

White questioned the cost of the Joseph Brant Museum expansion, saying about $750 per square foot is much too costly.


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Committee to Elect Angelo Bentivegna
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