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Agenda tomorrow

Committee of the Whole Meeting 
Date of Meeting: April 17, 2014 
Place of Meeting: Council Chambers, Level 2, City Hall at 1:00 PM 
Declarations of Interest: 
Delegations to Committee of the Whole meeting must register, either in 
writing, (fax 905-335-7675 or e-mail or by 
telephone 905-335-7600, ext. 7855 with the Clerks Department, no later than 
noon on the day before a morning or afternoon meeting. Each delegation at 
the committee meeting will be allowed a maximum of ten minutes to 
present their support or opposition to the matter before the Standing 
Committee. For expediency, groups or associations should appoint a 
spokesperson to represent the views of the group. 

Committee to Elect Angelo Bentivegna
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