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2018 Budget 4.5% .....recorded vote

Approve the 2018 operating budget as amended by the Committee of the Whole – Budget with a resulting net tax levy amount of $160,103,941; and
Add five additional transit operators at a cost of $372,424; and
Add holiday service on December 25 and January 1 where there is currently no transit service at a cost of $20,600;and
Approve financial support in 2018 to Friends of Freeman Station to support their fundraising campaign by providing matching funds on a dollar for dollar basis up to $50,000 to be funded from the Tax Rate Stabilization Reserve Fund.

IN FAVOUR: (6) Mayor Goldring, Councillor Craven, Councillor Taylor, Councillor Dennison, Councillor Sharman, and Councillor Lancaster
OPPOSED: (1) Councillor Meed Ward
CARRIED (6 to 1) 

Committee to Elect Angelo Bentivegna
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