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The City of Burlington has had success over the years, but now we have challenges that have been growing during the past decade, which I believe will stagnate our City. Some members of City Council have recklessly allowed decisions of growth in our city that negatively affect our daily lives through the new adopted Official Plan, yet to be approved by the Region. Traffic, Transit, Taxes, Tall Buildings are the challenges that face us, our children, and our grandchildren in the future. We need to address and find solutions to the 4 T's before they become the norm and are irreversible.

With your help we can collectively change this outcome in a positive and productive manner!

My commitment is to work with you to achieve our goals as I have done over the years.


Taxes: We need to focus on industrial and commercial opportunities to reduce the dependency on raising residential taxes. Taxes over the last two terms have been excessive to say the least...4.3% this past year alone! This council spends our money recklessly.   They have demonstrated throughout their term of office that this trend will continue!

Our city is reactive, when it comes to compliance, as to who follows the rules and who doesn't. Our city leaves a ton of money on the table...would you...I will work to recapture lost revenues!


Traffic: Every day I hear from our residents...Please help us move traffic around our city!Our roads get busier and busier each day, drive any major road north to south or west to east and vice versa.  Intensification added to Ward 6 and to our city needs to be planned better! We need to incorporate with help from developers (community benefits..section 37) and resident input,  solutions to move traffic flow smarter, easier, and timely...


The Transit System: Put Transit where the cars are!!!! Transit needs to be easy for users...needs to be frequent and reliable...needs to be simple to use, even if you are not a transit user! We need to develop a trust in the system...a trust the allows frequency, on time and reliable service when we need it! Let's create a workable plan and work with our stakeholders to lure riders. And let's make transit free to seniors daily during non peak hours.


OP & Development: I am not against development, we need it to become sustainable and to attract people and Jobs to our city...What I am against is " the "NEW" way we do business in our City. Our Official Plan & our Zoning Bylaws moving forward will not only act as guidelines, but they will now become targets for amendments! There was a time when an 'amendment" was a change to fill a need that was somewhat minor or amendments are serious "ASKS"...10 stories to 17 that the "NEW NORMAL".


Rural: We need to actively revisit our Official Plan to give our farmers and rural residents the tools that create flexibility to effectively manage their lands for the future. Together we can make this a positive economic issue in our City.


Seniors: In the next twenty years our senior population will double.  We need to have more places for seniors to interact and stay connected in our City. We need to design all inclusive amenities that allow seniors to stay connected & comfortable with aging.


Our schools: How will our schools stay viable and at capacity in the future.  What will happen to the school buildings that may struggle or lay empty. Now is the time to work cooperatively with our province, region, and school boards......City Council as a whole needs to voice a collective opinion.  I said this during my last campaign in 2014 and we still need to pay attention to these issues looking forward.


Recreational Facilities: A need to re-examine how we can be more productive in our arenas, parks, gyms and libraries. We are not maximizing potential revenues from our City owned facilities. We have an opportunity to be creative in partnering with the private sector to find ways to increase revenues and reduce overhead.


Young familiesWe have opportunities to create more programs for young children in our City operated facilities. We have many buildings with potential revenue missed from facilities that sit empty.


Our challenge now is to protect where we live, work, and how we grow in the future.

Issues that arise in our City no longer only affects the Ward  in which we live, it affects all Wards throughout Burlington. Example: The Tall Buildings that are scheduled and proposed for Downtown...Ward 6 is immediately affected as well because our Official Plan that is challenged by developers in the downtown area has and will be also challenged in our Ward 6! We see it in Alton Village two 17 storey buildings on Appleby north of Dundas and others proposed, we see on Upper Middle & Walkers Line. We see two more pads of commercial units proposed on the Fortinos Plaza in Headon Forest...what will all this do to traffic in the area?  How will this improve the quality of life for all of us in this City, it affects us all.

I will create a ratepayers association in each community of ward 6 (Rural, Alton Village, Millcroft, and Headon Forest) to engage citizens in what's happening in their area long before the ink dries!

I would like to work with the residents in each community of Ward 6 to secure our future, that of our children…and grandchildren.

 If you would like to discuss any of these issues or others ...please feel free to contact me!  905-973-6923



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