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City Contribution Accomplishments

Many ward 6 residents call me: "Councillor without Portfolio"

1-Demonstrated a need to the City of Burlington to create bylaw 2020-327 (2013)

This bylaw was created to allow citizens the ability to hold an event in a business that was not zoned as a banquet hall/restaurant. This bylaw eliminates the many layers of red tape, time and finances that otherwise would occur.

2- Coached delegations for alternate bus route (2014)

 Instrumental in coaching Ward 6 residents in removing an unnecessary bus stop, and eventual improvement of route via successful delegations from many Ward 6 residents.

3- Helped to negotiate a compromise on the HydroOne right of way (2015)

 Successful on negotiating a compromise with HydroOne, Mayor Goldring, MPP Eleanor McMahon, MPP Indira Naidoo-Harris from removing trees, bushes, and overall trimming back of vegetation from the Hydro corridors that were unnecessarily on the chopping block. A large number of Ward 6 residents contacted me to help them with this issue. We met… discussed, worked a plan, and organized to achieve a solution. Everyone was happy! 

4- Pinemeadow Park Splash Pad (June 2017)

 Pinemeadow Park had lost its splash pad due to confusion and technical issues and that it was not going to be replaced. The issue bounced around and fingers were being pointed that cables were accidently cut, etc. (Bell structure corner of Pinemeadow) Resident issues were not resolved to their satisfaction. 

The City sent out their electrician inspectors who did their investigation and concluded that the electrical cables did not meet code and power cannot be reinstated. Residents in the area were not very pleased….and wanted direct answers. I was notified by Ward 6 residents and went to work on it the next day.

Here is my response to the concerned Ward 6 Residents.

I was at City Hall today & stopped into Parks & Rec to get some info on Pinemeadow Park splash pad . The splash pad is closed for mechanical reasons, specifically electrical. The department has hired a consultant to look into the cost of repairing the problem. Once the cost is established, (should be sometime this week or early next week) the landscape architect overseeing the project will determine whether it can be repaired (option 1) or relay the findings to the Ward Councillor (Lancaster) if the budget doesn't allow (option 2). If option 2 is needed then the ward councillor meets with the staff and they suggest next steps. I would recommend that if the "Pinemeadow park splash pad users" want it repaired then you should contact/email your ward Councillor. Resolved????? (June2017)

5- Hydro Corridor Walkways (2018)

Recently I spoke with City of Burlington traffic staff and discussed an issue dealing with Hydro corridor walkways….who has right of way???? Pedestrians or Cars driving on the roads???  85 different discussions occurred with each individual justifying their reasons and arguments. I went to City Hall and asked them to clarify for all of us. Here is the response from the Traffic Department….

These types of intersections are set up to give high levels of awareness to both the vehicle drivers and the users of the pathways. The signs are set up on poles cautioning of pedestrian crossing and bicycle speed set at 40. Pedestrians and cyclists also have stop cautions along pathway for their safety.

City staff views are that it is not a pedestrian right of way, but rather a caution to look and then cross. 

I suggested that perhaps the City should install a "wait for gap crossing sign" so that it becomes clear that it is not a pedestrian right of way. 
(there are some throughout the city)

Traffic staff have indicated that they will visit the site to ensure the volume of pedestrian/cycle flow which may require other/further measures. 

Hope this helps to keep all neighbors informed and safer .

Angelo Bentivegna

Stu Kennedy... Thank you for taking the time to help out.

Jenna Reynolds... Thank you, Angelo :

Bob Ross... Thank you, Angelo


Another example of my Passionate, Persistence, and Productiveness...This is what I will do for you!


6- Election Sign ByLaw (2018)

On April 4, 2018 a unanimous decision (7-0) by Committee Members of Council was voted on (in my opinion, very quietly and without fan fare)  ... to disallow Election Car Signs for Municipal Elections in the City of Burlington. If enacted....This decision would greatly disadvantage any new Candidates from establishing improved name recognition using their vehicle as a medium for their election. Obviously to the massive benefit of the existing Councilors. 

I managed to over-turn the vote at the Council Meeting on April 23, 2018 (the vote was 4-3). This was a huge victory for all new candidates running in all Wards in the upcoming October 22nd Municipal Election!  

This delegation win benefits every candidate now and in the future elections.

The Bylaw to regulate election signs in the City of Burlington that was created is known as:

 File # 790-01 (PB-19-18)





-Appointed to Committee of Adjustments for the City of Burlington..

 -Chamber of Commerce nomination Best Retail/Wholesale business 2018..Finalist

-Ontario 150 Award...2017

-Canada 150 Award...2017 

-Co-host of "The Issue Program" on Cogeco YourTV Channel 700

-Board member: Halton Catholic Childrens Education Foundation-2016-17 

-Created soup program for the Senior Center in Burlington for seniors- 2014-16

-Paul Harris Fellowship Award 2014 recipient

-Canadian Italian Business Professional Association (CIBPA) Business Excellence Award - 2013 finalist

-Chamber of Commerce award winner for "Mayor's Community Business Service Award"-2011 recipient

-President's Award junior B Lacrosse, Oakville Buzz - 2010 recipient

-Chamber of Commerce award winner of Best Retail Business. -2001 recipient

-President's Award for Burlington City Rep Hockey Club – 1991 recipient

   Volunteer Organizations and Committees

-Chair of “Beauty and the Bistro”, a community wide three year fundraising initiative to purchase a Digital Mammography Unit with Biopsy attachment for Joseph Brant Hospital.-2011-2014

-A Board member and co-founder with others, supporting the “Gift of Giving Back” the largest food drive in Canada. ’04-present.

-Welcomed fans and guests during the OHL Memorial Cup 2011 twelve day event, managing and co-coordinating “Hockey House” activities at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga for the St. Mike’s Majors.

-Burlington Tourism Supporter 2008-present

-Charter Member of Lion’s Club Foundation for Guide Dogs in Oakville…’09-

-Burlington City Rep Hockey Club – Vice President 94-2016

-Burlington Cougars Jr. A Hockey Club Executive 2001-2003

-Notre Dame Catholic H.S. Parent Council President 1991-2001

-Created a WinterLude Fundraising Program for Notre Dame High School raising funds for computers and the library program 1991-2001.

-Involved as Parent Liaison on Strategic Planning Committee with Halton Catholic District School Board 1991-2001.


Committee to Elect Angelo Bentivegna
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