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I have always been accessible
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A huge Thank You to all my supporters

VISION 2022 - 2026

       I’m proud to say that together we have had many achievements over the past four years. Our work is not done, development pressures continue, elimination of red tape and traffic need attention.  I will continue working hard with you to bring these improvements to Ward 6 and in our City!

   "OUR VOICE, OUR WARD, OUR COMMUNITYOUR GREAT CITY"...that is what I am all about.

Thanks for visiting my website. 

My business history has shown that I have what it takes to make financial decisions that lead to success. As your Ward 6 Councillor, I repeatedly produce results and have shown a solid reputation as an active responsible community member, an advocate for accountability, and delivering results. These traits have been etched in stone throughout my first term of office. I have genuinely been engaged and accessible to residents throughout this past term and especially through the pandemic. I will continue to serve you as I have over the past four years. As you know, I do make house calls, take phone calls, reply to all email usually within a day, and hold many drop in sessions throughout the various neighborhoods in Ward 6.

I look forward to continuing to serve you as your Ward 6 Councillor.




Committee to Elect Angelo Bentivegna
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